Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little Rock Fashion Week 2011 - THANK YOU!

Dawn wearing a hand woven 14K goldfilled and Brazilian amethyst necklace and earrings.
Tanesia is wearing vintage brass and Swarovski (circa 1950's) earrings and necklaces. Also featured is a garnet and vintage Swarovski cuff.
Janie is wearing layers of Swarovski and sterling silver. 

Thank you to the Novel Approach Models... Brianna, JaRaye, Alexis, Dawn, Rae, Crystal, Tanesia, and Janie! I could not have had a better set of girls. Special thanks to Carol, Mandy & Susan who helped sew dresses, sweat in the heat at rehearsals, listen to idea after idea, and helping me backstage. Thank you to Brandon Campbell and his LRFW team for the experience - . Thank you to The Compassion Fashion Project - see their blog here: and to Love for Fashion - see their blog here: for some very nice interviews and reviews of the show. :)

Novel Approach jewelry can be purchased through Style Outside the Box -

Or read more about Novel Approach by visiting -

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Little Rock Fashion Week 2011...

Novel Approach has its own spot on the runway!

We are one of many exciting labels showing Saturday night in the Posh Expressions show. Visit to get more information about the shows and the full week of entertainment. 

You can get your tickets to the Posh Expressions show online by visiting - click on "SCENE" and "SCHEDULE" to purchase yours.