Friday, January 09, 2015

Is it Too Early to Talk About Spring?

It's freezing outside but I'm dreaming of spring. One of my favorite annual collections, "Clear," rolls out each spring and I have already started designing. This collection uses vintage clear Lucite, clear crystal quartz, or (when you want something special) translucent white topaz. Sometimes the clear materials stand alone and sometimes they are dressed up with lots of metal.

Why clear? It really is one of my favorite "colors" to design with. Jewelry is meant to enhance the wearer's appearance. Clear lets your skin show through; it just adds a layer of sparkle or shine.
Vintage Lucite Teardrops with Natural Brass
Vintage Lucite Teardrops and Rounds; 14K Gold Filled Ear Wires
Vintage Lucite Teardrops & Brass Caps

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